SuperSport Football Channel Schedule Guide On DStv Today/Tonight, 2022

Our primary focus in today’s DStv guide is on the new Supersport Football channel on DStv. As we already know, Multichoice Africa has launched new dedicated Sports channels, which will go live from 1st September 2020.

In this guide, we shall give you all the SuperSport Football tv schedule guide, so you can count on us for all programs line up for the new sports on the various DStv packages.

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What Programs DStv Show On SuperSport Football Channel

As the name suggests, Supersport Football will broadcast live football matches from major European leagues.

The following are the live programs that you can get on this channel on DStv:

  1. Italian Serie A
  2. Selected English Premier league games
  3. UEFA Champions league
  4. UEFA Europa League
  5. International football games
  6. Major football highlights

Those are the main sports matches on the SuperSport Football channel on DStv Africa.

The table below is the SuperSport Football TV schedule guide for today, 30th January 2023:

SuperSport Football Channel Schedule Guide On DStv Today/Tonight

EFL 22/23: Sheff United v Burnley21:45
Serie A 22/23: Salernitana v Cremonese23:45
Serie A 22/23: Empoli v Sassuolo01:45
SuperPicks SA Blitz Highlights03:45
Football Feature: Hazard Top 5 Goals03:50
2022 FIFA WC Insert: Stadiums03:55
Serie A HL 22/23: Atalanta v Napoli04:00
Serie A HL 22/23: AC Milan v Spezia04:05
Serie A HL 22/23: Atalanta v Napoli04:10
Serie A HL 22/23: AC Milan v Spezia04:15
Serie A HL 22/23: Atalanta v Napoli04:20
Serie A HL 22/23: AC Milan v Spezia04:25
Serie A 22/23: Atalanta v Napoli04:30
Serie A 22/23: AC Milan v Spezia06:30
Serie A 22/23: Empoli v Sassuolo08:30
SuperPicks SA Blitz Highlights10:30
Serie A HL 22/23: Atalanta v Napoli10:35
Serie A HL 22/23: AC Milan v Spezia10:40
Football Feature: Cahill Top 5 Goals10:45
Serie A 22/23: Bologna v Torino11:20
SuperPicks SA Blitz Highlights13:30
FIFA U17 (W) World Cup Film '2213:35
Serie A 22/23: Sampdoria v Fiorentina13:50
UCL Magazine16:00
2022 FIFA WC Insert: BRA16:30
Serie A HL 22/23: Atalanta v Napoli16:40
Serie A HL 22/23: AC Milan v Spezia16:45
Serie A 22/23: Roma v Lazio16:50
SuperPicks SA Blitz Highlights19:00
Serie A HL 22/23: AC Milan v Spezia19:05
FIFA U17 (W) World Cup Film '2219:10
Serie A HL 22/23: Inter v Sampdoria19:25
Serie A HL 22/23: Lecce v Juventus19:30
Serie A 22/23: Juventus v Inter19:35
Serie A 22/23: Bologna v Torino21:45

Please note that the time for the table above is in GMT Timezone. For those in South Africa, the actual time (SAST) will be GMT + 2.

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What Is The Channel Number For Supersport Football Channel On DStv

Since DStv has allocated a channel number for each of the newly launched sports channels, it makes sit easier to switch to any of the channels.

You can get Supersport Football on channel number 205 for both subscribers in Nigeria and South Africa and 225 for the rest of the African countries.

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Can You Live Stream SuperSport Channel And Watch Football?

Yes. You can stream live SuperSport Football matches as long as you have an active DStv premium subscription.

You can watch all the live matches that are telecasted without any interruptions.

It is advisable to note that you will need an active internet connection for the live stream.

On Which Package Can I Get It

You can get this on all the DStv packages. Thus, Family, Compact, Compact Plus, and Premium.

Because this sports channel will start airing on 1st September 2020.

You do not need to rescan your DStv decoder. Just leave it as it is.

The OTA feature in your decoder will automatically install and update all the new DStv sports channels on your current package.

Another interesting thing is that you do not need to upgrade your account before you can get these new channels.

Your current Multichoice account can still show new programs.

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Furthermore, since you do not need to pay much to watch the Supersport Football channel on Dstv, it shall be available to many of the Dstv subscribers, even customers on the smaller packages.

Therefore, be ready for thrilling viewing of action-packed sports programs on Dstv.

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