Guide To Play USB On DStv Decoder – Follow The Steps To Use USB Drive On DStv

Do you own a DStv decoder? Maybe you have exploited every feature but are yet to use the USB slot at the back of your DStv. Here in this DStv guide, we will give you details about how you can play USB on the DStv decoder.

However, we have received numerous messages from our regular readers seeking how to play USB on the Multichoice decoder.

Therefore if you have been asking whether you can play pendrive on your decoder, you will get the answer in this DStv guide.

Most of the new electronic gadgets that we regularly use in our various homes come with many functions, and once the feature is added, we will want to use it.

The same happens with the DStv decoder, as it comes with many functions, especially the Explora.

The new Multichoice decoder has a USB slot, but can you use it? Read below to find out.

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Can You Play USB On DStv Decoder

No, you can not watch files on your flash drive with a multichoice decoder.

Multichoice added the USB slot in their decoder to be used shortly, so customers cannot access external files on their USB for now.

We are yet to know why the slot was added to the device, as we have stated it will be known to all of us when Multichoice is ready to give us guidelines on how to use it.

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What Is The USB Port On DStv Decoder Used For

According to Multichoice, the USB port on the decoder is reserved for future use, which means it had been put on the decoder for a specific purpose, that is not yet activated in the decoder.

As you can see, there are many uses for the pendrive. You can use the port at the back of your decoder for a variety of things.

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Does Multichoice Decoder Pick Pendrive

There is a pen drive port a new DStv decoder, but you can not use it to play movies or music on your Pendrive as it was not made for that function.

So, if you have movies on your USB Pendrive, you can not watch it on a DStv decoder.

That is all you need to know about how you can play USB on DStv decoder.

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