How To Locate Gotv Transmitter, Get High Gotv Signal Strength

Gotv transmission is based on the terrestrial platform, and before you can track their signal, you need to install an antenna.

However, the best way to get high Gotv signal strength is to point your antenna towards the Gotv transmitter.

But what if you don’t know where the transmitter is? That is, we have dedicated this guide to show you how to locate the Gotv transmitter.

Moreso, it is recommended that you seek the help of a Gotv accredited installer to help you fix your antenna.

That being said, even if you are not an installer, you can still do it on your own, only if you have the requisite skills by following the manual.

So let begin with details on how to find the Gotv transition direction in your area.

What Is The Transmitter

Gotv transmitter is the device that sends radio waves within a coverage area from a mast.

Usually, it is very tall like the telecommunication towers and works the same way.

How Gotv Transmitter Works

Here is how the Gotv transmitter works:

when the transmitter is mounted in an area, it transmits the Gotv signals with specific areas in which when customer install their antennas, they will get Gotv channels.

The more you go away from the transmitter, the weaker the signal strength becomes and vice versa.

How To Locate Gotv Transmitter

To locate Gotv transmitter, use these methods:

1. Usually, Gotv transmitters are mounted or install on mountains or hills.

2. Find out if anyone has installed a Gotv antenna in that area, and point your antenna in the same direction.

3. Shift your antenna from left to right, and once it points to the transmitter direction, your signal will increase higher.

4. Use about a 2Ft pole to fix your antenna.

That is how to locate the Gotv transmitter.

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