How To Know Your Gotv Smartcard Number, Find Gotv IUC Number

Do you know your Gotv Smartcard number? It is vital to access Gotv self-service, and in this guide, you will find out how to know your Gotv decoder Smartcard or IUC number.

Just as the DStv decoder uses Smartcards, with Gotv, it is called IUC number, and this time around, it is not like a physical card as we see with DStv decoders.

However, the Gotv decoder IUC number is vital to the extent that you can manage your Gotv account with it.

Whenever there is an issue with your Gotv subscription, the customer care center will require your Got Smartcard or IUC number before they can resolve the problem for you.

Therefore, every Gotv customer must know their IUC number.

We have dedicated this simple guide to help you with guidelines on checking your Gotv decoder Smartcard or IUC number.

It simple and does not take much time. Also, you do not need the help of anyone to know your Gotv IUC number.

So if you want to know your Gotv decoder IUC number, read below to find out how.

Ways To Check Your Gotv IUC Number

1. You can check your Gotv decoder Smartcard or IUC number via Gotv Menu on the decoder.

2. You can see beneath the decoder.

Requirements To Know Your Gotv IUC Number

1. Gotv decoder

2. Gotv remote.

Those are the ways to check or know your Gotv decoder Smartcard.

Steps To Know Your Gotv Decoder IUC Number

To know your Gotv Smartcard or IUC number, follow these steps:

1. Switch off your Gotv decoder.

2. Gently unplug the power cable from the power source.

3. Tun the decoder upside down.

4. You will see a white or red sticker under the decoder.

5. On the sticker, your Gotv IUC number is writing on it, starting with SC/IUC. Example SC/IUC 7036378354.

6. Take a piece of paper with a pen and write down the “10′ digits number.

7. That is your Gotv IUC number.

That is how to know your Gotv decoder IUC number or Smartcard number.

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