How To Fix E017 Error On Gotv, 2022, Follow These Simple Steps

Are you seeing the E017 error code displaying on your Gotv? In this guide, we shall show you how to fix the E017 error on Gotv, including what it means and the things you need to fix it.

As we have learned in our previous articles about Gotv error codes, each one of them has a specific meaning and why it occurs on the screen.

However, one of the best ways to clear Gotv error codes is to understand why they occur, and in this guide, you will know why the E017 error occurs and how to fix it.

Moreover, it is recommended that you always seek the assistance of an accredited Gotv installer anytime you are having problems with your decoder.

Sometimes reaching installers is very challenging, and for that reason, we want to put it all here Incase you can do it yourself.

So let’s begin.

What Is The E017 Error Code

The E017 error is an error code that usually occurs on new Gotv decoders that are not yet registered under any customer name or activated.

What E017 Error On Gotv Means

E017 error on Gotv decoder is not yet registered, not activated under anyone’s name, and to fix it, you must activate it.

Whenever you see an e017 error on your Gotv, it means your decoder is not yet activated.

Requirements To Fix E017 Error On Your Decoder

Below are the things you need to clear E017 error on Gotv:

  • Full name of customer
  • Location
  • Mobile phone number
  • Gotv decoder IUC number (Located on the white sticker under the decoder)
  • Email address
  • Gotv Customer Care contact number.

Those are the things needed to clear e017 error.

How To Fix E017 Error On Gotv

To fix e017 error on Gotv, follow the steps below:

1. Call the Gotv customer care contact number

2. Follow the voice prompt to select your preferred language.

3. Choose the option to speak to a Gotv agent.

4. Wait patiently till an agent joins you on the call.

5. Request for Gotv decoder activation.

6. Provide the agent with the necessary details they will ask.

7. Follow every instruction precisely, and they will tell you.

8. Once you have provided every detail about the decoder and your information details, your account will be activated instantly.

9. After that account is activated, the e017 error will be cleared, and your decoder will start showing pictures.

That is how to clear the e017 error on Gotv.

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