How To Downgrade Gotv After Payment, 2022, Follow This Simple Guide

In this fascinating guide, we are going to share with you how to downgrade Gotv after payment.

Sometimes you pay less your subscription fee, and after payment, you want to downgrade your subscription.

So but to do that, you can use many options, including MyGotv App, Gotv self-service, and many more.

Here in this guide, we shall show you how to downgrade your Gotv subscription after payment using the MyGotv App on your phone.

However, once you have paid money into your Gotv account, you can downgrade or upgrade to a package with an equivalent subscription fee.

To downgrade your account use after subscription, read below to find out.

Requirements To Downgrade Gotv Subscription After Payment

Below are the actual things you need to change your Gotv after subscription:

1. Gotv decoder IUC number

2. MyGotv App

3. Surname

4. Mobile phone number linked to Gotv account.

Those are the things you require to downgrade your package after subscription.

Steps To Downgrade Gotv After Payment

To downgrade Gotv package after payment, follow these steps:

1. Make a payment of the package you want to downgrade into your Gotv account.

2. Open the MyGotv App.

3. Type your “Surname” or mobile phone number.

4. Enter your “IUC number.”

5. Next, click on “Login” to sign in to your account

6. Once you have signed into your Gotv account, you will see your balance displayed on your dashboard.

7. Now, click on “Change” at the bottom of the app.

8. Again, click on your current package to tick the small circle.

9. Your package’s status will display name, package price, status, change package, and fix errors.

10. Click on “Change package.”

11. Select the package you want to downgrade to and click on “Next.”

12. Click on “Continue” to downgrade your package.

13. Instantly, your Gotv package will be downgraded.

That is how to downgrade your Gotv package after payment.

How Long Does It Take To Show After Downgrading

Your Gotv account should be active immediately after your downgrade process is complete.

So once you have downgraded your Got account after payment it will start showing immediately.

That is all we have for you today and we will do our best to add more relevant information to this guide.

So, do not hesitate to come back and read more, and you can share your feedback with us in the comment section of this post.

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