How To Connect Gotv Decoder To 2 TVs, 2022, Gotv Dual View Setup

Are you a Gotv installer seeking to install a Gotv decoder for two rooms? Here is an interesting guide on how to connect Gotv to 2 TVs.

Connecting 1 Gotv to 2 TVs is possible, and if you are an installer, it is very significant you know how to make that setup as it can be helpful to customers with two or more rooms in the same apartment.

Sometimes you can buy a Gotv decoder for your living room but still wishes to watch it in your bedroom, when that happens you need to connect it to 2 television.

However, connecting 1 Gotv decider to 2 TVs is a setup that requires expert installers to do for you, but we are here to give you all the guidelines.

That being said, you still need a professional installer’s assistance to complete the setup.

Despite the requisite skills needed, if you still want to do it on your own, you can read this guide carefully and follow each step precisely.

So let’s begin.

Requirements To Setup The Dual View Connection

Below are the things you need to connect the Gotv decoder to 2 television:

  • Gotv decoder
  • Coaxial cable
  • Two television sets in separate rooms.
  • Connectors.
  • Male and Female connectors.

Those are the things you need to connect the Gotv decoder to 2 TVs.

Steps To Connect Gotv 1 Decoder To 2 Tv

To successfully connect Gotv decider to 2 television, here are the steps to follow:

1. Switch on your Gotv decoder.

2. Cut about 1cm of your coaxial cable and fix a connector on it.

Ensure you don’t cut away the aluminum foil and tiny strings inside the cable but on the white rubber attached to the copper wire.

3. Connect to the “Loop” tuner at the back of the decoder.

4. Next, lay your cable nicely on the wall to the 2nd tv in the other room.

5. Now, cut the other end of your coaxial cable and fix the male connector on it.

6. Kindly fix it to the back of the TV through the antenna tuner.

7. Finally, switch on the tv and scan for analog channels.

8. During the scan, the same images on your Gotv decoder will appear on TV.

9. After scanning, the tv will store the Gotv program.

10. Switch through the channels, and you will see the Gotv pictures from the decoder display on your 2nd tv.

That is how to connect the Gotv decoder to 2 TVs.

Will I Be Charged For Connecting My Gotv To 2 TVs

No, Gotv does not charge you extra cost for connecting your decoder to two TVs, but your installer will charge you an installation fee.

That is all you need to set up Gotv dual view for your customer. e shall do our best to add more relevant information to this post.

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