How To Clear Gotv E48-32 Error Code, 2022, Fix Gotv Error Codes

Do you see the e48-32 error code on your Gotv decoder? That is worrying when you encounter such a problem with your Gotv decoder, but there is nothing to worry about as you are in the right place to fix that.

Our primary focus is to show you how to clear Gotv e48-32 error code on your decoder in today’s guide.

As we have seen in our previous article, Gotv error codes come in different numbers, and each one has a meaning.

However, there are various means to use to clear error codes on Gotv, but the self-service can clear not all errors as some require technical help.

An E48-32 error on Gotv can not be cleared online or using the self-service as it occurs as a technical fault from your installation.

You don’t need to worry as we have a way you can fix the e48-32 error from your screen.

So let’s see below.

What Does Gotv E48-32 Error Code Means

Whenever you see an E48-32 error on your Gotv, it means that your signal strength is low or your Gotv does not receive any antenna from your antenna.

When your Gotv antenna cable breaks, the signal will cut off, and you will see an e48-32 error on your screen.

Requirements To Fix Error Codes

Below are the things you need to clear Gotv e48-32 code:

1. Gotv decoder

2. Coaxial cable

3. Ladder

4. Connectors, etc.

5. Gotv remote

Steps To Clear Gotv E48-32 Error Code

To clear Gotv e48-32 error code, follow these steps:

1. Remove the connector at the decoder’s back and fix it back to see it works.

2. Now, press on “Help” button on the Gotv remote to open the menu.

3. Scroll to “Advanced options” and press ok.

4. Next, select “signal information” and press ok.

5. Now, you see that the signal strength and quality are all blanks.

6. Now, climb to the roof with the ladder.

7. Remove the coaxial cable from the antenna and fix a new one.

8. Connect it to the back of the decoder.

9. You will see the signal strength and quality have improved.

10. Rescan your decoder to restore lost Gotv channels.

11. After the scan, you will see your decode showing pictures again.

That is how to clear Gotv e48-32 error code.

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