How To Boost Gotv Signal Strength, Steps To Increase Gotv Signal

Has your Gotv signal dropped, or maybe your pictures are scrambling? Do not worry. We have a simple way on how to boost Gotv signal strength.

The Gotv signals are from the digital terrestrial platform, and it uses only a standard terrestrial antenna before you can track the signal.

Unlike satellite signals are usually affected by rain fade and bad weather, terrestrial signals are not often affected by bad weather conditions.

However, when your antenna is shifted away from its normal position, it affects the signal strength.

When that happens, it becomes annoying to watch your channels as you will see a “Searching for signal” notification on your screen.

Moreover, when that happens, you must fix it by boosting your Gotv signal.

So how can you boost Gotv signal strength? Read below to find out.

What Is The Best Signal Strength Percentage On Gotv

The best Gotv signal quality should be 95% and above. Also, your signal strength should be 100% to ensure the stability of your signal.

Why Has My Gotv Signal Strength Reduced

Here is why your Gotv signal strength may be reduced:

1. Bad weather conditions.

2. Heavy rainfall

3. Faulty antenna

4. Break in antenna cable connection.

5. Shifted antenna position.

6. Bad cable connection at the back of your decoder.

7. Tv set.

Those are the reason why your Gotv signal strength may have dropped.

Requirements For Boosting Your TV Signal

Below are the things you need to boost your Gotv signal quality:

1. Gotv decoder

2. Gotv smart remote.

3. Electricity power

4. Fully functional antenna

6. A good antenna coaxial cable.

Those are the things you need to increase Gotv signal strength.

Steps To Boost Gotv Signal Strength

To boost your Gotv signal strength, here are the basic steps to follow:

1. Plug to ur Gotv decoder into a power source and switch it on.

2. Wait for the decoder to finish booting.

3. Next, press the “Help” button on your remote.

4. The Gotv decoder “Menu” will open for you.

5. Scroll to “Advanced options” and press ok.

6. Select “Installation” and press ok.

7. Choose “Signal information” and press ok.

8. Your Gotv signal strength and quality will display here in a bar form with the number in percentages.

9. Climb to your roof, but ensure there is someone inside the room to monitor it for you.

10. Shift your antenna from left to right till the signal start showing up.

11. Once the signal is in, increase it till you achieve about 95%.

12. Once the signal is back on, tighten your antenna screws and ensure it is well installed.

That is how to boost Gotv signal strength.

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