How To Activate GOtv Zambia Through SMS

Most people keep asking how to activate GOtv Zambia through SMS. If you also have the same problem, then here is the ultimate guide for you.

Are you looking for the simplest way to activate your new Gotv decoder?

Here, we shall show you how to activate the Gotv decoder via SMS in Zambia.

Purchasing a Gotv decoder is one step to accessing their services, but without Installation and activating of the decoder, there is no way you can watch any of their channels.

However, Gotv self-service is here to give you total control to have your way around their services, which makes Gotv a better choice ahead of other pay-tv providers.

With Gotv self-service, not only can you manage your account, but you can also create a Gotv Account or activate the decoder after Installation.

As we have learned in most of our previous articles, Gotv self-service can be accessed through online and offline protocols.

This means that you can activate your Gotv decoder online and offline as well.

In this guide, we share with you how to activate your Gotv decoder on your phone through SMS in Zambia, and that will not require you to use the internet.

If you are seeking an option to activate or register your Gotv decoder online, worry not, as our next Gotv guide will capture that with full details.

So let’s proceed on today’s topic.

What Is The Gotv Shortcode For Activating A Decoder

The Gotv Zambia SMS shortcode is 4688.

It is accessible via all networks in Zambia, and you don’t need to be a Gotv customer to use the shortcode.

Also, sometimes you may be charged for SMS cost, but other networks are free.

Requirements To Activate Gotv Zambia Via SMS

Below are the things you need to activate Gotv in Zambia using SMS:

1. Gotv Zambia decoder

2. Gotv Decoder IUC number

3. Full name of the customer

4. Mobile phone number of the customer.

5. Location of where the customer stays.

6. Gotv Zambia SMS shortcode (4688).

7. Any mobile phone that can make a call.

Those are the things you need to create a Gotv account through SMS.

Steps To Activate Gotv Decoder In Zambia Via SMS

To successfully activate Gotv in Zambia through SMS, follow the steps below:

1. Open the SMS message section on your phone.

2. Type ACCEPT and add a star(*)

3. Enter the Gotv decoder IUC number (written on a white or red sticker under the decoder) and add a star (*)

4. Next, type in the customer’s full name and again add a star (*).

5. Now, enter the mobile phone number of the customer and add a star (*)

6. Next, type in the location of the customer and add a star (*).

7. Finally, add the Gotv package (usually, you are given Gotv plus free for one month on new decoders) and add a hash(#).

So, in all the examples below is how your text will look like:

ACCEPT*7033451738*Ishmael*0214714583*Lusaka*Gotv Value#.

8. Now, send your text to the Gotv Zambia shortcode 4688.

9. Wait for about a few minutes, and you will start seeing pictures on your TV.

Also, you will receive a welcome message from Multichoice.

That is all you need to know about how to activate GOtv Zambia through SMS.

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