How To Activate Gotv After Subscription, Resubscribe Gotv

Having your Gotv not showing after payment is very annoying, and the fact that you have paid makes it worse. However, you must not give up yet as we are here to show you how to activate Gotv after subscription.

You will know why your Gotv is not showing after payment and what you can do to reset your Gotv after payment.

Whenever you are paying a Gotv subscription, the best way to succeed is to switch on your decoder before making payments.

Often Gotv customers refuse to switch on their decoders before paying a subscription, making it difficult to reconnect automatically.

The Gotv system is made so that once payment has been credited to an account, it must reconnect automatically by sending a command to your decoder.

In cases where your decoder is off whiles the system sends an automatic connection command, it fails, and your decoder will not show pictures even after payment.

The fascinating news is that you can activate your Gotv subscription after payment using the Got self-service, and we will discuss it in detail in this guide.

Why Is Going Not Showing After Payment

Here are the reasons why your Gotv will not show after subscription:

1. Your Gotv decoder was off during payment.

2. You did not pay the full subscription amount.

3. The system failed to activate your account automatically.

4. Maybe there is a little technical problem with your Gotv account.

Those are the reason why your Gotv channels are not showing after payment.

Ways To Activate Gotv After Payment

Here are the right ways you can use to activate your Gotv account after payment:

1. MyGotv app

2. Using the Gotv Self-service to activate your payment.

3. GOtv SMS reset option.

4. Contact GOtv customer care.

Those are the available ways you can use to activate your Gotv subscription.

Requirements To Activate Gotv Subscription After Payment

Below are the things you need to activate Gotv subscription after payment:

1. Gotv decoder IUC number

2. MyGotv App

3. Gotv Self Service USSD code

4. Mobile phone (Smartphone or Analog).

5. Internet connection.

Those are the ways to activate your Gotv subscription after payment.

Steps To Activate Gotv Subscription After Payment Via MyGotv App

To activate your Gotv subscription after payment using the MyGotv App, here are the basic steps to follow:

1. Open the MyGotv App on your smartphone. If you don’t have it on your phone, you can install it from the AppStore.

2. Select your “Country.”

3. Next, enter your “Surname” or “Mobile phone number” linked to your Gotv account.

3. Enter your Gotv decoder “IUC number.”

4. Now, click on “Login” to sign in to your account.

5. Once you are signed in to your Gotv account, click “Fix Errors.”

6. Check on your TV screen to see which error code is displaying. Example E16, or E-32.

7. Select the right error code and click on clear or Fix now.

8. A command will instantly be sent to the system to clear the error code, and your account will be reactivated.

That is how to activate your Gotv subscription after payment.

You can read below to see how to activate Gotv after payment in your countries:

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