How Much Is Gotv Jinja2022, Check Out Gotv Jinja Package Price

Are you a customer in Nigeria seeking to upgrade to the Gotv Value bouquet and wonder how much the Gotv Jinja package is?

You are in the right place, and in this article, we will show you how much is the  Gotv Value subscription.

The Gotv Value bouquet is the third-highest bouquet among all the Nigeria packages.

It offers you all kinds of entertainment and complete tv categories from movies, news, sports, religion, lifestyle, documentaries, cartoons, and more.

However, the Value package in Nigeria has now been renamed to Gotv Jinja, so it is the same thing, only that the name has been changed.

How Much Is Gotv Jinja

Gotv Jinja currently costs N1,640 monthly, and it is valid for one month.

So if you wish to downgrade or upgrade to Value, the subscription fee is N1,64.

Once you have paid for the Gotv Value subscription, you will have access to unlimited viewing for a 30days period after which you must pay again.

Can I Upgrade From Jinja To Max

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription to Gotv Max anytime.

However, your subscription fee will change, and you will need to pay the Gotv Max subscription price.

The good news is that the Max package gives you access to all the channels, unlike the Gotv Value bouquet.

How Long Does Gotv Jinja Subscription Last

Gotv Jinja subscription lasts for 30days period, and once you have paid your watch the channel uninterrupted for one month.

However, one month from the days you subscribed to the package, you must make a payment again to keep watching the channels, else your account will be suspended.

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