Gotv Schedule Guide, Steps To Check Gotv Daily Schedule Guide

Are you aware you can now check the Gotv schedule on your decoder?

Yes, the Gotv programs guide is now accessible directly on the decoder, and you can now save yourself the stress of walking through online websites to view the schedule guide.

No one wants to miss out on their favorite TV programs, and for that reason, it is important to keep track of your favorite TV channel schedule.

Multichoice is making everything possible to ensure customers of Gotv will enjoy programs and on the go and never miss it a day.

For that reason, they are keeping you updated with the program’s lineup on a daily basis.

So you can know when your favorite programs will be aired.

We are here, and as we have always been doing, we share with you how to go around everything with your Gotv, and in this guide, we are share to share with you how to check the Gotv programs guide.

So if you are ready, let begin.

Ways To Check Gotv Schedule Guide

Here the right ways to check Gotv schedule:

1. You can check the Gotv schedule guide via the official Gotv website.

2. Gotv guide is also available on your decoder.

Requirements To Check Gotv Guide Online

Below are the things you need to check Gotv programs guide:

1. Smartphone or PC

2. Active internet connection.

3. Channel you want to view its schedule

5. Gotv package

6. Date

Steps To Check Gotv Schedule Online

To check the Gotv schedule guide for today, follow these basic steps:

1. Kindly, open your web browser on your phone or pc and visit the Gotv official website here:

2. Click on the drop-down at the top corner of the site to change your country.

3. Now, click on the “TV guide” tab at the top of the site.

4. Select the package you want to view its channel schedule.

5. Next, click on “Channel” and select the station you want to check its schedule.

6. Now, select the date you want.

7. The program lineup for that channel will display instantly.

That is how to check the Gotv guide online.

How To Check Gotv Schedule On Decoder

To check the Gotv guide on the decoder, follow these steps:

1. Switch to the channel you want to check the program’s lineup

2. Press the “Help” button on the remote.

3. Next, navigate to “TV guide.”

4. The schedule for that day will display with programs and the time they will show.

That is how to check the Gotv schedule on the decoder.

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