Gotv SMS Reset Shortcodes, 2022, Reset Gotv Via SMS & Activate Account

Gotv reset code comes in different digits depending on the country, and if you are a Gotv subscriber in any of the Gotv coverage countries, you must know the shortcode for your country.

The good news is that we have all for you in this article, and you can find your country’s Gotv SMS shortcode right here.

The Gotv self-service is now available on USSD and SMS, but you must ensure you have the right shortcode at hand before you can access it.

Sometimes you see an error code on your Gotv screen, and to get rid of that, you need to reset your account.

However, the best way to send a Gotv reset command is through the SMS shortcode, but before that, you must know how it works, which one is the right one for your country, and more.

We have dedicated this guide to give you all the details, so read carefully to find out.

What Is The Gotv Reset Code Used For

It is a shortcode that is used to reset Gotv account via SMS protocol.

When customers want to reset their Gotv decoder using SMS, they need the reset code to perform the process.

How Can I Use The Gotv Reset Code

To use the Gotv reset code, follow this procedure:

1. Type RESET in your text message box.

2. Leave a space.

3. Next, input your Gotv IUC number.

4. Now, send it to the Gotv reset code.

That is how to use the Gotv SMS reset shortcode.

Here Are The Gotv Reset SMS ShortCodes For Every Country

Nigeria – 4688

Ghana – 4688

Kenya – 22688

South Africa – 22688

Zambia – 4688

Namibia – 44688

Malawi – 54688

Uganda – 6488

Mozambique – 94688

That is all the Gotv SMS reset shortcodes for every country. We hope this guide was helpful.

Kindly share with us your opinions through the comment section below, do not forget to come back and read more as we shall update this post regularly with more relevant details.

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