Gotv Antenna Power On Or Off, 2022, Gotv Antenna Setup Guide

Are you installing a new Gotv decoder and confused to allow the Gotv antenna to power on or off? That is a normal problem with many installers, but this guide is dedicated to giving you every detail you need about the antenna power.

In every Gotv installation, the most important component is the antenna.

That is because, without the antenna, there is no way you can receive the Gotv signals to your decoder.

However, during the installation process, you are prompted to keep the antenna power on or off.

Sometimes, most people are confused about what to do at that step because you still get your signal strength high even when it’s off.

Moreover, it is time to know why you should keep it on or off, so you will understand why it works that way.

But before that, you should make sure you have read and understood everything before, you can proceed.

So let’s continue with the details.

What Does Gotv Antenna Power Mean

The Gotv antenna power is the radio frequency that delivers power to the antenna.

It is very useful to ensure the antenna works properly at all times, but with the Gotv antenna, it works differently.

Should My Gotv Antenna Power Be On Or Off

Gotv antenna power should be off during installation or scanning as prescribed by Multichoice.

So, whenever you are installing a Gotv decoder, you should ensure the power is turned off during the scanning process.

What Happens If My Antenna Is Turned On

When your antenna power is turned on, nothing will happen, but technically, it should be off during scanning.

However, the antenna power usually does not make much difference until you have a strong signal.

So, you should ensure your Gotv signal is very strong by achieving between 93-100%.

That is all we have for you concerning today’s topic and we shall do our best to update the information in this guide regularly.

So, if you have any opinions to share with us, kindly let us hear from you through the comment section.

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