DStv Smart Card Number 2022, How To Check DStv SmartCard Number

Are you a Dstv subscriber? Maybe you are seeking to know how you can check your DStv smart card number.

It is very crucial as a regular subscriber to always keep or know your smart card number.

The DStv smart card number attached to your decoder has many functions, and I will show you that in a moment.

Initially, it was very easy to find.

Even though it is still easy, but nowadays, the new DStv decoders come with an inbuilt smart card, which makes it a bit challenging for most customers to locate it.

If you are stranded and seek to check your Multichoice decoder number, here is the right place to be.

By the end of this DStv Guide, you will know the DStv smart card’s functions and how you can check it.

Before we can proceed, let’s find out the functions or importance of the smart card.

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Features & Functions Of DStv Smart Card Number

The DStv smart card comes in two formats, removal, and non-removable DStv smart card.

What do I mean by non-removable and removable?

Initially, all DStv decoders had a removable smart card, which means you can insert it and remove it at will.

With the non-removable smart card, it is embedded in the decoder, which means it is static, and you can’t remove it, although you can have access to the card number.

The smart card plays a very significant role in making sure your subscription status is always active.

It also validates all commutation between the server and your decoder, which means it conveys encryption keys to decrypt your channels.

Below are some of the primary features and functions of the Dstv smart card:

  • It activates your decoder to decrypt locked channels.
  • Without the smart card, you can not watch any channel.
  • It is a DStv decoder identity number at the customer care center.
  • It is used for subscribing to any packages you wish.

Now let’s find out below to check your card number.

How To Check Your DStv Smart Card Number

Checking your DStv card/IUC number is effortless, and it does not take you more than a minute to knows your card number.

Oh yeah.

Remember, if you want to pay for your DStv, you must first get your smart card number.

That is why it is very important to know your card number.

DStv smart card number is an eleven (11) digits number, so you must always check if it’s up to the number.

Below are the procedures you must follow if you want to know your DStv SmartCard number:

1. Make sure your DStv decoder is powered off.

2. Hold the decoder and turn it upside down horizontally, with the down part facing upwards.

3. Located a white sticker stacked at her bottom part of the decoder.

4. On the sticker, you will see the IUC number with all numbers without letters.

5. Take a just piece of paper and a pen

6. Write down the 11 digits Smart Card number on the sticker.

7. You can save that on your phone or keep the piece of paper at a secure place.

That is it.

You just checked your smart card number.

How To Know Your IUC Number Using The Dstv Smart Card

The following are the simple and easy steps you must follow to know your Dstv smart card number:

  1. Put off your DStv decoder if it is on.
  2. Check the front panel of the decoder you will see a bluish card inserted into your decoder.
  3. Pull out the card gently.
  4. Make sure you do not bend the card.
  5. Turn the card upside down into your palm.
  6. You will see your smart card number written boldly on it.
  7. Write the card number somewhere safely.
  8. Insert back your card number as it was.
  9. Now, power on your decoder to see if your card is well inserted.

That is how to know your DStv smart card number.

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