Dstv Business Guide, 2022, Packages, Subscription, & Application

Multichoice Africa has finally heard the cry of business entities. It has now introduced products for businesses, corporate bodies, companies, offices, small-scale enterprises, and entrepreneurs who use Dstv as a source of entertainment to their customers, workers, and guests. The product is called Dstv Business.

In today’s guide, we have dedicated our attention to giving full details about the Multichoice Business service.

These days, more and more businesses emerge every day, and for that reason, the competition keeps getting tighter and tighter each second.

Hence, corporate bodies, entrepreneurs, and business entities deploy various ways to deliver flexible and robust customer services, entertainment, and real-time customer satisfaction that supersede every client expectation.

With that, you thrive with your company to a whole new level in a positive way.

As an entrepreneur, you need to do things uniquely that will give you the attention of potential clients to get ahead of your competitors, and Dstv is just giving you that.

Just like we mentioned earlier, we are about to give you all the details you need. So sit tight and read till the end, and you will get everything you need about Dstv Corporate here.

What Is Dstv Business

Dstv Business is a product designed solely for businesses, companies, offices, workplaces, and many more with special tv packages and prices to help them deliver the best of entertainment to their customers.

It comes with different bouquets that suit every business, from restaurants, Banks, Betting Companies, Viewing centers, Baber Shops, Saloons, Hotels, Showrooms, public centers, and many more.

How Many Packages Does Dstv Business Have

The Dstv Business has three packages, with each of the packages made for specific companies or businesses. Also, each package comes with 3 sub-packages and different subscription prices.

However, before you sign up for the products, it’s imperative you choose the one that best suits your business, and to do that, you must know how each one of them works.

Here in this article, we will unfold every detail, so read how to make the right choice.

What Are The Dstv Business Packages

Below is the list of Dstv Business packages:

1. Dstv Business Play Packages

2. Dstv Business Stay Packages

3. Dstv Business Work Package

Those are the bouquets on Dstv Corporate.

Now that we know the available packages you can choose from, let’s see what each package gives you and how best you can make a choice to entertain your clients in the long run.

Dstv Business Play Packages

The Dstv Business Play package is made for restaurants, viewing centers, Betting companies, public centers, bars & pubs. It is the only bouquet on the business product that offers you an extra viewing point.

That means that when you subscribe to the Dstv Play bouquet, you can use two extra decoders under one account with the same subscription fee.

Another good news is that you can add up to any amount of decoders you want with an extra charge, in which case you will be charged for many viewing points.

More so, the Dstv Play package comes with three sub-packages, and with each one of them, you are offered the same services. You can use an extra decoder as much as you want.

What Are The Dstv Business Play Packages

Here is a list of Dstv Play bouquet:

1. Dstv Play Ultra

2 Dstv Play Essential

3. Dstv Play Basic

Those are the package under the play bouquet. Note that each package under the play package has a different number of channels and subscription price.

Dstv Business Stay Packages

The Dstv Business Stay package is designed purposely for accommodation establishments like Hotels, Motels, Hostels, Apartments, Lodges, and many more.

However, before you can sign up for the Dsv Stay package, it is required that you have at least five or more rooms before you can use the Stay bouquets.

That is so because Dstv prefers to offer the services on the Stay bouquets business that entertains guests, and for the purposes that people will not abuse the system, you need five or more rooms to apply.

Also, just like the Play bouquet, there are three sub-bouquets under the Stay package. With the Stay packages, you are charged per the number of rooms signed up under your account.

Suppose you apply for 50 decoders for 50 rooms. You are billed monthly for all the 50 rooms assuming you are using each one of them.

How Many Packages Does Dstv Stay Package Have

The Dstv Stay bouquets come with three sub-packages, and with each one of them, you are given a different number of channels and subscription fees.

Unfortunately, you are not offered an extra view product with the stay packages where you pay the same amount for two decoders, but rather you are billed for each decoder separately.

What Are The Dstv Business Stay Packages

Below are the packages under the Dstv Business Stay bouquet:

1. Dstv Stay Ultra Packages

2. Dstv Stay Essential package

3. Dstv Stay Basic package.

Those are the packages under the Dstv Stay bouquets.

Dstv Business Work Packages

As the name suggests, the Dstv Work package is made solely for workplaces, including offices, Banks, Supermarkets, Saloons, Babber shops, and many others.

So if you are seeking a bouquet to entertain your workers, customers, and guest at your office or workplace, you can apply for the Multichoice Business Work bouquet.

With the Work bouquet, you can decide to use one decoder or more depending on how you want it and the number of patrons you serve.

You are allowed to use as many decoders as you want which each one will come with the same subscription prices for the same packages.

How Many Packages Does Dstv Work Bouquet Have

There are two packages under the Dstv Work bouquets, and each one has a different number of channels and a subscription fee.

You can decide to switch to any of the packages at the end of the month once you have paid the bill for the previous month.

What Are The Dstv Business Work Packages

Below are the Dstv Work packages:

1. Dstv Work Ultra

2. Dstv Work Essential.

Those are the available bouquets under the Dstv Work.

Where To Buy Dstv Business Decoder

If you want to buy a Multichoice Business decoder, you don’t need to worry, as you can convert your existing decoder to a business one.

Here are the places you can buy a Dstv Business decoder:

1. Multichoice Dstv Super Dealer Shops

2. Dstv Sub-Agent shops.

3. Accredited Dstv Installers.

4. Satellite stores.

5. Jumia Online Store

6. Dstv Offices.

How Much Is Dstv Business Decoder

The Dstv Business Decoder is the same price as the residential or regular decoders. So you can walk to any of the nearest Multichoice accredited stores to buy a new HD decoder.

What Do I Need To Apply For Dstv Business

If you want to apply for Dstv Business, here are the things you need:

1. Business Certificate Issued by the local business regulatory authority.

2. Identification Card

3. Business Location

4. Mobile Number of your businesses

5. Number of Decoders/viewing points

6. Multichoice Business package

Those are the things you must get to apply for Multichoice Business.

That is all we have for you in this guide, and we shall add more relevant details.






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